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Nickname: Cookie/bunny..numerous others, but most call me Mytho.
Hello and Welcome everyone! Just remember if you steal from me, I'll come after you with sledge hammer. Have a nice day! ^w^

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Hello all! i am back from TFcon and it was amazing!!
 I just posted up some pictures so you guys can have a look. Anyway, this is how the weekend for me went down:

Me, :iconcrescent-moon-demon: and :iconrandomus-prime: checked into the hotel around 2-2:30 thanks to my dad.
For awhile we didn't do much but hung around our room since we didn't need to get our passes for another few hours. During that time I used it to finish my picture for Peter Cullen  (since I was up at 5am the day before trying to finish.) Until :iconzodberg: also arrived. (With amazing cookies!) 
 We left the room and got in line about 4:30ish and were pretty much at the beginning of the line. Luckily they opened early so it was a quick in-and-out for us until retiring back to the room before heading for the bar for dinner. 
 Expensive as it was the specialty drinks they had were amazing! (Even though the vodka was severely watered down.) 
Later it was the Charity auction with no other then the voice of Blurr doing the announcing! Though as awesome as it was hearing John Moschitta Jr; about mid-way through I got a little board and left again for the bar where I met up with :iconzodberg: again. We watched the crazy karaoke then went out for a short walk before finally getting to bed.

Saturday: We went down to the dealers room line, waited as usual until it was finally time to go in. We only had a few minutes to look around to see who had what before we had to get to our session for the Peter Cullen signing.  Before I left I met up with :icondestron23: who had just dropped off his entry for the art contest. We had a chat for bit and went for another round in the dealers room where I ended up buying a more animated figures. Huzzah! Then headed off. 
 While waiting, I was chatting up with a few strangers about the new RID show and how it was...meh. (It's got moments but its pretty weak even for a kid's show) until it was finally time. It was pretty much a get in-get out sort of deal. So I gave him my picture to sign, got my picture, said thank you (apologizing many times cause I was nervous as hell and Canadian.) and went on my way to the costume contest.
 After I headed back outside the dealers room where Richard Newman, John Moschitta Jr and Micheal McConnohie were signing autographs and asked if they could sign each of the drawings I made for each character. (James Roberts was there too but since I don't read the comics i honestly didn't have anything.)  Before heading back to the dealers room buying more stuff right before the Q/A panel with the voice actors. Which was HILARIOUS btw.(pictures will be posted at later date.) When the panel ended thier really wasn't much else I wanted to do....except the Q/A panel with Peter Cullen but I kinda fell asleep in the hotel room. T-T Much regret. 
So I just hung around the hotel, walking around until I met up with :icondestron23: again and we started talking more transformers for a good couple/few hours until we parted ways again. Mostly RID and how no one was talking about it and well....for a good reason I suppose. (I still love Thunderhoof mob boss though!)
 Again I head to the bar but only to sit around and play my game until I met up with an old friend I met last year and we headed for a room party with some....interesting (and very drunk) characters and not getting to bed until 3am XD.

Sunday: Not much to say. I Didn't really go to anything except go around the dealers room to get some last minute deals. What I did go to was the live script reading auditions; and while the judges were picking somehow turned into the Muppet Show. After deciding the live script reading went on and it was awesome to hear some really good impressions. 
 When all was said and done I said good bye to Destron again and left for the live recording of WTF@ TFW Podcast; that went on..a little later then we thought but we stayed until the offical end of TFcon.

Monday: Came home, repacked then made way to visit parents. 
I don' t have any pics yet of my stash just yet but here's a list:

- TFA Hydro dive Bumblebee
-TFA Nemesis Optimus Prime
- a bag of the tfa McDonald toys
-TFA Activator Cliffjumper, Dirge and Thundercracker
-2 Tetra jets (Ramjet and DIrge)
-Exclusive Evila Star (Basicly looks like Astrotrain)
-TFA Accessories PAck (Allspark, Sari's key, Stasis cuffs. )
-TFA Roll Out Command Optimus Prime
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