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Has stolen your waffles!!
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Nickname: Cookie
Hello and Welcome everyone! Just remeber if you steal from me, I'll come after you with sledge hammer. Have a nice day! ^w^

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Sorry for the delay. A main water pipe broke in front of my apartment so we have been without water or internet for a good two days now, but now I am back and I can give you the details!

 Thrusday: Went to work. Got picked up.Arrived at hotel....nothing too exciting really.

 Friday: Before the con me, :iconrandomus-prime:, :iconcrescent-moon-demon: her kiddiepoo and another friend used the pool. Ahhhhhhhhh.
 Soon after, we got in line for the con later that evening! Well.....our passes really. The dealers room was not open until the next day so really there was not much to do until the opening ceremonies where I met up with :iconzodberg: and :icondestron23:! It was great seeing another awesome artist in person ^^ such a nice guy. I showed him my pictures that I drew for Sue Blu and Gregg Berger and was happy to hear that he thought they were cool. (Not as cool as his pics but hey it feels good when someone likes your work!) We chatted it up for a bit then we watched the Charity auction for Make-a-Wish Foundation...which was strangely alot more entertaining then I thought XD.
 They had quite a bit of awesome stuff! One thing that caught my eye was a TFA Game box set. Made me kinda sad to see it go. And for almost $30! Not bad if it was in stores. 
 Later on it was KARAOKE NIGHT! Crescent, Randomus and zodberg had a good time singing in all drunk gloryesness!!
I love how the bar had Transformer themed drinks! My fav had to be the Optimus Lime and the Acree. After all this it was time for bed. Slllleeeeepppp. 

Saturday: Got up and in line by 7:30...the dealers room didn't open till 9 and there was STILL a long line! Just goes to show you need to come REAL early for these things.
 I took just a quick scan of the dealers room before I got in line for Gregg Berger's autograph which was actually surprisingly short but neither the less he is such an awesome and funny guy! He loved my picture of Grimlock I drew for him to sign.
 Grimlock TFcon 2014 Gregg Berger by mythcraze776 Official Grimlock Tfcon by mythcraze776

After that I took another and better look around the dealers room and bought a couple of things. One of which was the TFA Game box I saw in the auction on friday and it was only $15! OWO
 As I was leaving to drop off my buys I ran into :icondestron23: again to take a look at his amazing entry and what had been entered into the art contest. 
Defenders of Space Bridge 687-030 by Destron23

Later on it was the Costume contest and DAMN where there some AMAZING cosplays! Of coarse Crescent was there as human female Ratchet and her babeh dressed as the most adorable Swoop evehhh!! (Look at my con pics to see the entries.) 
 Afraid the wasn't alot of panels I was very interested in this year. I wanted to go to the Q&A with Gregg Berger ans Sue Blu (who had to skype because her leg was broken QAQ) but...I kinda took a nap and didn't wake up until after the panel was over. -w-'
 The one thing I was looking forward to that night was The Cybertronic Spree Concert! And it was great! Was in the front and everything! Not to mention I drooled over their costumes OAO so.......beautiful. The arcee singer would have never believed a chick could pull off a heavy metal guys voice so well O-O. Girl got skillz!
 Afterwards I had another drink (just one don't worry) and met up with one of the guys who ran the con named Adam. Nice guy! We went walking up and down the front of the hotel talking about Transformers (duh) it was cool.
Sunday: Went to the dealers room one last time and spent the last of my money. (When do cons NEVER make you broke?) and met up with Destron once more. Didn't really have a chance to say bye though since he was hoping to catch Sarah Stone, which was fine. 
 Later in the day I went to Voice acting 101 with all the voice actors and it was quite enjoyable. It's so adorable how they all get along like they have been friends for years ^^. 
 When the panel ended it was one last trip around the dealers room for me (to kill some time) before hitting the pool and the WATER SLIDE!
Monday: Headed home.

Overall it was a great weekend, though in all honesty it wasn't quite as nice as last years but it still had that small spark that made it just as fun. It was nice seeing everyone again and hope next year will be even better!

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  • Watching: Jurassic Park 3

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